Friday, February 22, 2008

Well we decided to stay home this weekend since the weather is going to be crappy where we were headed. I am sorry to miss my daddy's birthday, but I am working with the kids to sing Happy Birthday to him on the phone. Plus if all goes well we will be able to go next weekend.

Since I have extra time this weekend, I plan on getting some things done around the house and maybe get some mommy time.

My hopeful to-do list is:
  • Defrost our chest freezer. Stupid me didn't realize it wasn't self defrosting. I have no idea how often it is supposed to be done, but I'm guessing more than once a year.
  • Clean the inside of the stove. A french fry dropped off the other day and I completely forgot about it until it became a chared mess on the bottom.
  • Get all the fabric for the inlaws car seats pinked, washed, and patterns transferred.
  • Work on a few more sewing ideas I've got rolling around in my head.
  • Take the kids bowling
  • Get groceries since there is nothing in the house
  • Probably shovel the stupid driveway. Next house we buy will have a flat driveway!

I'm sure more things will come up, but at least that is a good start. Luckily I've gotten most of the cleaning out of the way during the week.

Off to play WII with the boys (our new favorite morning activity, really wakes you up!)

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