Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Things have been pretty low key around here lately. I've been in a big organization mood. I have been trying to find everything a home and getting rid of some clutter. I am not rushing through so that maybe things will actually stick. I got my baking supplies organized with some modular mates that I bought. It is nice to open the cupboard and know nothing will smack you on the head. I also got a handle on all the snack bags and stuff that were overtaking gap on the pantry.

There is a lot more to do, but I'm not sure what I want to tackle next. I think it will be reorganizing and cleaning out my kitchen cabinets, but who knows.

I am still plugging away at typing up all my recipes. I am sick of sorting through 100 pieces of paper to find which one I want.

Now I am off to watch Project Runway and enjoy the peace and quiet of sleeping children.

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