Monday, February 18, 2008

The weekend review

Well this weekend was highly unproductive. My inlaws came out which was great. The boys tired them out playing games and football and just being boys. We were supposed to work on the seats of their Gremlin, but let me tell you that making car seats from scratch is not an easy task. They are supposed to be denim with all this double stitching. It was a pain. Right now I have a piece of denim hanging in my bath tub because we realized after the first one that it really should have the dye bled out of it. Luckily the first one we stitched we messed up so we weren't out anything other than time.

Other than that we watched the Daytona 500 and relaxed. It was nice to have someone else to get up with the kids at 5AM and get a little extra sleep.

I worked on my table runner pattern today. It is coming along, though I made it harder than it probably had to be. Hopefully I will have pictures to show tomorrow. Depends on how the boys nap.

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