Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I swear this has been the longest winter ever. It is crazy how many times it has snowed. Of course it only seems to snow on days Cody has school. I hate debating all morning whether or not I should take him. Like today. It started snowing around 8, but it wasn't too bad. The roads were still clear and nothing was really sticking. I got to school just fine and decided I would just wait around there. School usually gets done around 3, but about 2 I decided that we needed to get moving. By the time we left it was crazy. The roads were an icy mess and of course I had to get behind a school bus. It was not a fun drive. Now I am sitting waiting for my husband to get home. His car is crap in the snow and we are working on saving up the money for a 4 wheel drive. It won't be this winter, but definitely by next winter.

Other than that I am working on some little projects. I went to a fabric store around here, but there wasn't anything that was really my taste. There are a few other ones around that I want to go to, but have to find the time and deal with the weather.

Well off to make dinner. I will post the recipe later. It is really yummy and super healthy.

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