Sunday, February 3, 2008

I've been busy in my sewing room working on some ideas I've had rolling around in my head for awhile. I am happy to report that after a few trials and errors everything came together just like I wanted.

First up is an embroidery floss holder. I have been doing cross stitch for a long time and have never found a sure fire way to organize my embroidery floss. I started out with a bunch of plastic bags on a big metal ring. I hated it because the bags would tear and it was big and bulky. Next I got some plastic pages that were made for this purpose and put them in two 3" binders. Yeah, that didn't work either. Everytime you moved the books things would fall out and they were impossible to store.

After the eight millionth time of moving these things I finally came up with something better.
It is awesome because I can just lay it out and pick which ones I want. They are in there tight enough where they won't fall out, but easy to remove. And when I am done with it I can do this:

Nice and neat and easy to store. It holds 102 cards which sadly is about 1/3 of my stash, but even three of these are easier to store and deal with then the two big binders I did have.

My next project was a coupon holder. I wanted something small that I could keep in my purse all the time. I had a big plastic one, but it was too big for my purse and I hated getting to the grocery store and realizing that I didn't have the coupon I needed.

This thing was a pain in the behind to get together. It still isn't perfect, but it works. It is nice and compact and fits perfectly in my purse.

Here it is all empty. The pockets are nice and wide so that I can get in and sort through the coupons without taking them all out.

And here it is with the coupons. I don't have a lot yet, but it will be nice to go shopping tomorrow and be able to find whatever I am looking for.

I have a few other projects in the works, but I think I am going to take a break from sewing for awhile and work on something else.

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