Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quilty stuff

I finally got all of my fabrics organized. It was a task let me tell you. I know that I don't have as much as a lot of people, but for someone that only gets a chance to sew every once in awhile it is a lot.

Here is the rolling cart full of fabric. I love using this because it keeps it clean and I can see through to find a fabric pretty easily. It only backfires when my sewing stuff is all packed up and I see all the projects I could be working on.

The top drawer has all of my fat quarters, charm packs and small cuts of fabrics. There are some fabrics in here I absolutely love, I just can't figure out what to do with them.

The middle drawer is all the bigger cuts of fabrics. I have enough fabric to probably make at least 5 queen size quilts in this drawer. Ignore my ugly foot, I had to hold the drawer so the thing didn't fall over on me.

The bottom drawer has all my holiday fabric. It is mostly Christmas because I have an obsession with Christmas fabric. Again with the ugly foot!

The tote has all my flannels and a few misc pieces of fabric that didn't fit in the cart. I always make a flannel blanket for new babies so I have lots of leftover pieces. I have 4 baby quilts to make for babies that are due in December, January, or February so I'm sure this tote will get added to soon.

Now I just have to wait until hubby's arm heals so he can finish the last of the drywalling. He is doing pretty good, just really sore still. He has pretty much full range of motion which is really good, it just hurts.

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