Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My sewing room is almost ready for use! All I have left to do is sweep out the room and pick up all the junk on the floor. I am so ready to get back to quilting. There are so many projects in the waiting that I have to get working on. Plus all the projects that I have in varying stages. I want to get as much done as possible because soon it won't be comfortable to sit behind the machine!

It has rained here all day today. I swear that we need to start building a boat. My poor garden is taking a beating. I keep hoping that it will survive, but after today I'm not so sure.

Nothing much else going on. I am working on a paper chain for the kids to countdown to baby. They aren't quite understanding how this is going to work. Coop keeps coming up to me asking to see the baby. They loved watching the ultrasound, but I think they don't understand that you just can't see it whenever they want. The baby is moving around a lot now so I am hoping they will be able to feel it soon and maybe understand a little bit better.

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