Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can someone stop this merry go round and let me off????

I swear June was the craziest month ever. Cody had something every day with school then graduation. Jeremy's parents came out here. I went home for a few days. He has been working more hours because people have been gone. Add to that summer heat and pregnancy tiredness and you've got one dead mommy.

I would like to say that this month is going to be better, but I'm not so sure. Jeremy has a ton of softball games to go to, I have a Pampered chef party, a doctor's appointment (it's the big one too, hopefully we will find out what this little bean is), swimming lessons, and hopefully a short vacation for our family.

We are working on finishing up the utility room which is where my sewing stuff is so sadly there is no progress to show there. I have my christmas present quilt all figured out so just need to get my space back together and get moving.

I baked 32 dozen cookies the other day for Jeremy to take to work. It was crazy, but they always appreciate it. I have a few other recipes that I want to try once the weather cools down. It is just too hot to run the oven most days.

We are just going to keep pluggin along here. I will try to update as I can. There is some drama going on with our extended family so that may keep us busy for awhile.

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