Thursday, July 24, 2008

Productive day

My sewing room is finally set up. I am so excited. I spent this morning working on some minor clothing repairs and ironing the fabric for my christmas present quilt. If they boys cooperate and go to bed easily tonight I plan on starting to cut the pieces out.

Here is a quick tour of my own little area.

On the left is my rolling cart of fabric that I posted about earlier. Then my new sewing table. I am really excited about this. Hopefully it will help my shoulders.

Here is my new big cutting table. It is HUGE! I love that I can lay more than a yard of fabric on it at a time. It is also just the right height for this short person.

This is the rest of my supplies. I would like to get it better organized someday, but for right now this works pretty good.

Here is a big view of the space. Ignore the Gatorade bottles. The rug is new and wouldn't lay flat.

I am hoping to have some progress pics tomorrow.

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Kim said...

I am very envious of your sewing room! I didnt even know that you were into sewing until I found your blog. Aww the things that you learn. Hopefully after this little man makes his appearance I can get my sewing stuff organized.