Saturday, July 26, 2008


I think nesting is starting to kick in. I have been more productive in the past few days then I was the first 20 weeks of pregnancy!

Hubby painted the boys room today. It looks really good. I'm hoping we don't have to do a second coat, just some touch ups, but we will see.

I finished sorting through their toys. Just have to have some help moving stuff around and find a place to put the toys that are going out. I finally decided that we need to rotate their toys around. We took all their toys away about two weeks ago and for the most part they haven't missed most of them. I separated them into stuff to go in their room, stuff to go downstairs, stuff to put away, stuff for the yard sale, and then garbage.

I also finished all six pumpkin rolls for him to take tomorrow. I just have to cut them up after they set up in the fridge overnight.

And finally I did get a few minutes to sew. I finished up six blocks for the Christmas quilt. They are turning out really nice. I am also thinking about working on my mom's present tonight, but not sure yet. We wouldn't want to be too productive in one day!

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