Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello, my name is Heather...

and I'm a fabric addict.

Since my sewing room is right now in repair, I having been organizing my fabric stash. I knew I had a lot of fabric, but geesh! I really need to get some projects done. Luckily I've been pretty good and not bought anything lately. Most of the fabric I have now is from Joanns because we didn't have any quilt stores around us. I will still probably buy some from there, but now that we have some decent stores around here and I've found the joys of Internet shopping I will probably start buying better quality stuff. It will work in two ways, nicer fabric and less stash because it is more expensive.

I will post pictures when I finally finish the project. I'm hoping to be done in the next couple of days, but with two boys and hubby' schedule who knows.

I am also doing the fabshophop (http://www.fabshophop.com/) which is a virtual shop hop. You visit a store on the list, register, and depending on how many stores you visit you can win different prizes. It is a lot of fun and lets me see all kinds of new fabrics and projects.

Tonight I am off to a Pampered Chef party. It should be intereting since I've only met the host. I am sure I will come away with all kinds of gadgets I don't need since I am a sucker for those kinds of things.


Tanya said...

I can't wait to see your sewing projects! I really want to learn to sew.

I have a ton of pampered chef gadgets from years ago, and I still use them all. Hope you had fun at the party!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

Hi! I found your site thru Tanya. My friend and I recently took a month long sewing course and LOVED it! We are making funky cute aprons. And like you, we have a new found OBSESSION with fabric! Now, if only I had a sewing room like you!

The Pink Potpourri said...

i wish i had more of a fabric addiction...i would love to learn how to make my own things! have fun at the pampered chef party...last one i went to, i won all the door prizes! :)