Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life out of control

Life has gotten somewhat out of control around here.

Cody has just a mere 3 weeks until Kindergarten. It has been rough on me to think about my baby going to school. Plus I am still wondering if I am doing the right thing by sending him this year. I know that he is excited and probably ready, but he is so small and just doesn't seem academically ready yet.

Cooper has been a terror lately. He is always getting into trouble, not listening, saying that he is peeing all over everything, and just being a wild child. I know that a lot of it is just part of the age, but it really wearing on me.

This pregnancy has been really hard on me. I haven't been able to sleep much at all lately. I go to bed at 10-11 and then back awake at 12:30. I usually am up until around 5 and then I try to squeeze in some sleep between Jeremy's alarm, him getting ready for work, and the kids waking up. It is killing me to feel so tired all the time. I know that things are only going to get worse. I love this little guy, but some days I wonder what I was thinking about having another one.

My house looks like a tornado ran through it. It not only needs the general cleaning, but it needs a really deep cleaning. I just do not have the time or energy to do it. There are so many projects around this house that need to get done. I honestly don't know how everything is going to get done.

I was supposed to go to a quilting class this weekend, but I think I am going to cancel and stay home instead. I am just not up to sitting through a two hour class right now. I would love to take it, but I just kept up the energy to do it.

Hopefully things will start looking up soon. If we could get more than a few minutes of sunshine a day that would help too. I swear that we moved to rain forest country and no one told us. It is crazy!

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