Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The guy that came and tested our water last night was a quack. I knew that he was going to try and sell us a softener, but crazy me thought he would actually run a legitimate test.

I think he is ticked off because Jeremy knew everything he was talking about since he deals with it at work. Plus my dad is a water operator so I know a lot from him. He couldn't just tell us a bunch of stuff and have us believe him.

He did an iron test and then said that he had to repeat it because that is protocol. Yeah, well the first test came back with really high iron levels (like almost off the chart). He goes to do the second test and both Jeremy and I saw him use a different tablet than he did the first time.

Then he did a TDS (total dissolved solids) test which is supposed to show you how much "stuff" is in your water. He kept saying that it would be around 250-280 and he did the test and it only came back at 150. He said that was impossible.

Frankly the guy just pissed me off. I hate when people try to bully you into doing something just because they can fake a test. I know our water isn't perfect, but I know it isn't that bad either.

I really hate to shell out $150+ for a test that I can't be sure is true either. Why can't their be any reliable people in this world.

And on the same idea:

Rain rain go away DON'T come back for awhile!

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