Thursday, August 21, 2008

Appointment update

I had my 24 (25) week appointment yesterday and I am happy to report that everything is going good.

I only gained 2 pounds which puts me at a total of 12 pounds. Way better than with either of my other pregnancies. He is measuring right on target and his heartbeat was 159. I also got the results of my diabetes test which even the midwife thought it was stupid that I had to have an early one. I have to have the second one in September which is annoying, but at least it will be the last time.

This midwife was awesome. She answered all my questions without making me feeling like an idiot. She gave me some suggestions for the pelvic pain I've been having. Now all I have to do is fill out the preregistration paperwork for the hospital and schedule the tour. I figure it is a good idea to know where we are going especially on how fast this guy comes.


Cookie said...

12 lbs. at 24/25 weeks! I think I gained 12 lbs. by 6 weeks with each of my kids (yeah I gained a ton with each kid). Of course it wasn't until the last that I couldn't get it all off.

Heather said...

So glad things are going well for you. Congratulations on that little one growing inside of you. :)