Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Updated to do list

A little while ago I posted a crafting to do list that seemed overwhelming. I figured now that I am under 50 days till this little guy comes I would see where I stand.

- the Christmas quilt. I have the top done, the back done and it is ready to be basted. Then it is quilting and binding. Right now I am about 1/3 of the way done hand sewing the binding down. I am hoping to get it done in the next week.

- baby bibs. I have been looking for bibs that have terry cloth on the back because they absorb so much better, but I haven't had any luck so off to the sewing machine I go. I have one done except the Velcro and another cut and ready to be sewn. I have two bibs done. I am not in love with the fabric, but I have two to get started with and I can make a few more later.

- baby blankets. I have the fabric to do both mine and my friends, but haven't started working on them yet. I am still trying to get all the red dye to bleed out of the fabric. Once I get that done I will be ready to cut. Luckily these don't take long to put together.

- car seat blankets. I have some fleece to make a small blanket to wrap around the babies legs when we are in the car this cold winter. Two done, maybe one more to go. The two that are done are for me. I might make one for a friend, but depends on time.

- a punch embroidery chicken wall hanging. I have maybe 1/32 of this done for my mom for Christmas. I was making progress on this until my punch needle broke. I bought a new one so hopefully will be making progress on this again soon.

- a crochet hook holder. My MIL wants a roll up crochet hook holder for Christmas. Right now I am in the planning stages of this. I need to find some fabrics that I like for this. I've got the idea all laid out, just need to pick fabrics. Luckily I don't think it will take too long to finish.

Right now I am ignoring the rest of my list. I have a million things to accomplish over the next few weeks. We are going Christmas shopping on the 25th of this month. It seems so insanely early, but in order to get everything done and wrapped I need to get started.

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