Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby blankets

I finished cutting all the squares for the baby blankets that I am making. Luckily there are just 21 pattern and 21 solid squares for each one. I am hoping to get the tops done within the next two weeks. It will depend on hubby's schedule since right now things are up in the air.
I'm not sure which one is going to be ours and which one is going to a friend. Once I get them together I will let the boys choose. I'm guessing they will choose the train one, but you never know with them.

I love these simple blankets. They are perfect for putting on the floor for tummy time or throwing over the car seat to get from house to car when it is cold.

We are going to try and finish up the majority of our Christmas shopping this weekend. It feels very weird to be shopping in October since I am usually a last minute type of person, but I can't really do that this year!

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Sidney said...

Great combination of those baby blankets!! Love this red one...