Thursday, October 2, 2008

Foiled plans

So much for making plans tonight.

I needed to get groceries, but had to wait until after my mom got home so I could call her about something. Of course she didn't get home until late so I left later than I planned.

Then I had to go to Best Buy to return the boy's DVD player because it died. I thought I would be all set because I had bought the 4 year warranty. They did replace it, but because it was more than a year it voided the warranty so I need to decide if I want to buy a new one.

Next off to get groceries. I hate going to Walmart period. Going with two kids who haven't had dinner yet is horrid. Luckily they weren't too bad, but it still took forever.

I picked up Burger King for them because frankly I was not going to go home and cook anything.

Finally got home around 7 and sit down for dinner. Bedtime is at 8 so the boys pretty much ate dinner and went to bed. Not a great way to end the day, but nothing too horrible.

Cooper had been coughing on and off all day long, but I wasn't too worried because Cody had the same thing last week. I went downstairs thinking that I could finish up some of the quilting on my Christmas present quilt. I no more got one line done and I hear Cooper cough really bad and then a weak call for mommy.

Upstairs I go and of course he has thrown up. EVERYWHERE! It was gross. Usually it doesn't bother me, but this was pretty bad. He looked so pitiful. So I wait until he is better and draw a bath. He is loving just splashing in the water and letting his head and tummy settle. After stripping the bed, remaking, and cleaning up he crawls back into bed and pretty much promptly falls asleep.

Ugh! I am exhausted.

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