Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's been a crazy week

Life has certainly gotten out of hand around here. So many things going on and needing to be done. It doesn't leave much time for the fun stuff like surfing the web and updating my blog.

Luckily things have slowed down slightly and I have a chance to catch up.

It has been a rough week family wise around here. My uncle had a liver transplant just over two weeks ago and then last week he had a major stroke. The stupid neuro doctors wanted to just write him off and let him die. Luckily his transplant doctor stood up for him and he is making very slow progress. It has been tough to know someone so vibrant is now confined to a bed or chair because he has no use of his right side.

Then Jeremy's aunt has been dealing with a benign brain tumor for almost a year now. She had surgery on it back in November (I think) and then started having complications in January. It finally got so bad that she didn't know anything or how to do simple tasks. They have been fighting with her doctors to do something and they said to just wait it out. Finally on Sunday they decided that something needed to be done and they put a shunt in her head to drain the massive amount of fluid. She is finally starting to come back and not as confused and can remember how to sit and walk again. It has been very draining on Jeremy's mom and we've been worried about her because she's been running herself ragged.

We've had a few other minor health issues with relatives, but I'm happy to say that it was nothing serious and they are all on the road to recovery. Hopefully we can stay a healthy family for awhile.

Through all of this, plus Easter, I did manage to find time to finish my nautical table runner. I don't like how the binding turned out because for some reason when I turned it to the back it wasn't consistent. Oh well.

It isn't a very good picture, but it was the best I could do yesterday.

I also made this alphabet board for Cody. We are working on knowing what the letters look like and I figured this would be a good way to work on it.

Cody has a screening for Kindergarten today and then we have a bunch of errands to run before our busy weekend. I swear someday things will calm down. I wouldn't mind as much if we could at least get outside and enjoy spring. That's hard to do when there is still at least a foot of snow on the ground and they are predicting more this weekend. I AM SO SICK OF WINTER!

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