Monday, September 1, 2008

When will I learn??

When will I learn to not start 10 projects at once???

Right now I am working on:

- the Christmas quilt. I have the top done, the back done and it is ready to be basted. Then it is quilting and binding.

- baby bibs. I have been looking for bibs that have terry cloth on the back because they absorb so much better, but I haven't had any luck so off to the sewing machine I go. I have one done except the Velcro and another cut and ready to be sewn.

- baby blankets. I have the fabric to do both mine and my friends, but haven't started working on them yet.

- car seat blankets. I have some fleece to make a small blanket to wrap around the babies legs when we are in the car this cold winter.

- a punch embroidery chicken wall hanging. I have maybe 1/32 of this done for my mom for Christmas.

- a crochet hook holder. My MIL wants a roll up crochet hook holder for Christmas. Right now I am in the planning stages of this.

Somehow I have to get all these done plus all the other pre baby stuff that needs to get done. Yeah I'm in for a busy few months. Hopefully my nesting instinct will kick in soon!

Be prepared for a sob fest post on baby is starting Kindergarten.


Brandy said...

Oh wow! You have a ton on your plate right now. I hope you can get caught up with some of your projects!

Theresa said...

LOL, my 2P's name is Queen of Unfinished Projects, I may have to bow down to you!

Carole said...

You'll be crying Wednesday morning, but by Thursday morning you'll feel better because you'll realize that with your child in school you'll have more TIME TO GET STUFF DONE! :-)

The Empty Envelope said...

Hehe!! My baby is starting K as well this week!!! I was sad when he was done with pre K, but now...oy...LOL! We're ready!!