Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sugar cookies

I have always loved sugar cookies, though I hate the process of making them. I am good until they are out of the oven and then the thought of having to frost them just made me want to throw them away. I had never found sugar cookie recipe that was good enough to eat without the frosting.

Until now.

I tried this recipe the other day when I was trying to keep Cooper occupied. We took our our big bag of cookie cutters and went to town. He loved picking the shape and "helping" cut the cookies.

We baked the first batch just as hubby was coming home. He went straight for the rack and I said to wait and we will frost them when they are cool. Of course being him he dove right in and declared that we wouldn't be frosting them since they didn't need it. Never one to believe my husband when it comes to food (the man will eat anything pretty much), I decided I better check this out for myself. Low and behold the man was right. They were soft, chewy, with just a little crunch around the edge. And they weren't bland! I was in love.

Sorry there aren't any pictures. I forgot to take some when we baked them. I made another batch that I cut into circles and just used powdered sugar icing to pipe softball laces onto for DH's championship game. They were gone in an instant. Definitely give this one a try!

I have been busy in my craft room so expect pictures soon!

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