Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finally healthy

Finally everyone in this house is healthy. The kids still have a little cough, but it is getting better. I am so done with colds and crud. Spring has to get here soon!

I've been working away on the kaleidoscope windows quilt.

This is what 900+ 1.5" squares looks like. It is an insane amount of cutting. I now know why I usually work with big squares.

Here is one block laid out. I really like how the colors go together. I was worried that it would be too bright, but the red and yellow are more muted so it balances out. I learned that the sewing is going to definitely be time consuming. Matching all those little seams is a challenge. And wow does it shrink up a lot. I knew it would lose a lot, but I was surprised by how much!

I get my hair cut tomorrow and I am so excited. I've been putting in a ponytail everyday because it is so annoying. I have an idea of how I want it cut, but I am going to let the stylist have her say.

Other than that Jeremy has the weekend off and we have no plans. That is a first. Cody might have a birthday party to go to Sunday, but other than that we are free. Sadly we will probably spend the weekend cleaning. YUCK!

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