Saturday, January 17, 2009

Things here have been moving along. We got a shock about hubby's schedule yesterday so I am trying to adjust to that. I am seriously a creature of habit and must now what is going on to plan. It is very hard for me to change directions quickly. I will get there, it will just take some time.

I am loving the Motivated Moms system. My house has been clean every day for a week. It is amazing. I have always hated cleaning and keeping up on things. Crossing things off the list is very motivating for me. I love to see all the little boxes filled in.

I am hoping to have some crafty stuff done soon. It is hard to find time to get down there with a newborn and two others that need things. I have so many ideas and projects running around in my head that I really want to get to work on. Hopefully things will settle out with the schedule change and I will be able to get back to doing stuff for me.

Surprisingly, things are going very smoothly being a mom of three. It hasn't been as big of an adjustment as I thought. Colton is a pretty laid back baby. He only really cries when he is hungry and overly tired. The other boys are big helper and love their brother. We haven't had too many issues with jealousy yet. I'm sure they will come though.

I am still trying to find some balance with everything. I think that is going to be my biggest challenge this year. Trying to balance kids, Cody's school, me time, housework, time with the husband, and possibly a sport for Cody in the spring. Right now I am just trying to not let the scales tip so far that I fall over.

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