Friday, November 28, 2008

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Ours was nice and relaxed which is exactly what this pregnant woman needed. I am feeling pretty tired lately and ready to be done though I want him to hold out a few more days so that I don't have to stress about who is going to take care of the boys.

Here are a last few craft pics. I have one more project that I need to get done, but there is no rush on it and it is super simple.

Little baby booties. I am so happy I finally figured out this pattern. I love how they turned out and I will probably be making a few more pairs for the little guy.

Here is a Christmas gift all rolled up.

And here it is all opened up. It didn't turn out quite like I had hoped, but it is functional and cute so it will work.

Here is the baby blanket. It turned out really nice and cuddly. We will use it on the floor and probably over his car seat when it is really cold.

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