Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lots of pictures...finally

I finally found the camera cord and had time to sit down and download the pictures. It has been a crazy week here with strange schedules, lots of appointments, and just stuff going on. I have been trying to work on my to do list and getting things crossed off. Only a few more weeks before this little guy makes his entrance and I am starting to get worried that everything isn't going to get done.

I have made some progress on my craft projects. I am happy to say that I only have a few small things left to do. I'm hoping to get them mostly done by the end of the week. Of course that assumes that everything goes as planned and I know that won't happen around here!

This isn't the best picture of my blanket I made for my friend's baby, but I forgot to take one before I wrapped it up.

This is a table runner I made for my grandma. She is such a hard person to buy for and she doesn't have a lot of room for knick knacks. I figure this will look great on her coffee table.

Here is the back. I'm not in love with this fabric, but it does fit in with the leaf/flower theme of the front fabrics.

Here is the front of little man's birth announcement. You can't really tell from the picture, but the Welcome is printed on the computer and the baby is a stamp that I embossed. It is a blurry on the one edge because I smudged the ink. Also, there is a line of swirls and dots that I embossed with clear powder so it just gives it a little sheen.

Here is the inside. Obviously our last name will go where the white box is. The name isn't set in stone, but it is what we are leaning towards right now. The stats are just place markers so that I could get all the spacing right. There is a be a wallet sized picture next to the stats when they are all finished. I am really happy with the way it turned out. Now I just have to actually make all of them!

Here is a hat that I made for the baby, but it turned out too big so Cooper has taken it. I love the colors of this yarn and will definitely be making a smaller one for the baby.

Here is the same pattern, just in a different yarn and definitely smaller.

And finally...

the dreaded Christmas present quilt. This thing has been a thorn in my side since I started it. I love how it turned out and am really happy that I did it, but man was it a long process.

Here it is all quilted. You can sort of see the little squares in the middle. I stitched in the ditch around the two squares and then did a smaller square in the middle.

The backing is a really big four patch. I couldn't decide which fabric I liked better so I used both of them. I like how it turned out because now the quilt is actually reversible.

And a close up picture of the binding that was the bane of my existence for hours and hours. I hate hand sewing, absolutely hate it. Unfortunately, hand sewing the binding looks 1000 times better than trying to use the machine so I sucked it up and did it. YUCK!

I still have to finish my mom's chicken picture I am making, make a few more hats for the baby, and I am hoping that I can figure out the baby bootie pattern that I found. I am almost done with his baby blanket too.

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