Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I haven't had a lot of time to craft since Colton was born. I did manage to finish one baby blanket, but nothing beyond that.

The other day I went down to my room fully intending to do some sewing. Instead I found myself overwhelmed by all the clutter. I had projects that were just sitting around, fabrics that were stuffed everywhere, and just stuff. I didn't want to work. I was just looking around trying to figure out where to start. I felt guilty ignoring the started projects and yet irritated with them because I wanted to start new projects. I walked out of the room totally disgusted.

After thinking about it I decided that some changes were in order. I wanted to walk into my area and be inspired, but overwhelmed. I wanted to work on things that excited me, not made me feel guilty or irritated.

I went through everything I had. After going through piles and piles of scraps I determined that I am just not a scrappy quilt kind of person. I like symmetry and plans when making quilts. And I found quite a few fabrics that I liked at one point in time, but now they just don't speak to me anymore. I also went through all my old projects and cleared out the ones that I just didn't want to finish. Surprisingly there were only a few that I completely ditched. A few I reworked and decided that I liked the new idea better and there were a few that I really want to finish as is.

Right now I am thinking about listing all the fabrics on craigslist. I want them out of the house. I know that if they sit around long enough they will end up back in my room because that is how things work in this house.

I still have some cleaning to do, but I am excited to get back to crafting soon.

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Jackie said...

Sometimes you just need a fresh organized start! Good for you for recognizing what needed to be done to get inspired!