Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nothing much going on here. Just waiting. I am hoping he will be here tomorrow, but you never know with these things. I am feeling really uncomfortable and am ready to be done. It is still a surreal feeling that he will be here soon. I know that we have everything ready, but it just doesn't feel real. I'm sure it will feel very real when that first contraction hits~ They say that you don't remember the pain, but I do. Probably not the full extent of it, but still remember what it was like.

I am so looking forward to meeting this little guy. I want to know what he looks like, what his personality is like and how his brothers are going to react to him. There are just so many unknowns it is kind of scary. I know everything will work out, just have to get him here. I have an appointment for an ultrasound, NST (non stress test), and a midwife appointment. I am hoping that she will help me along some and I will go into labor tomorrow afternoon. We'll see though.

If I don't post for a few days then you'll know what happened!

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