Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Catch up

As I said in my last post, life has been pretty crazy around here in the last year.

Jeremy left the Navy in June and started his new job. That of course meant moving and that is always stressful. We found a nice house in a nice neighborhood. I am still getting used to it, but I think it will be nice.

I am now officially a Lamaze certified educator. I am still working on updating my class design and finding somewhere to teach. It is a lot harder than it sounds, but I am making progress in the right direction (or at least I hope so!)

The biggest shock of the past year was finding out I was pregnant in August. To say that we weren't planning that is an understatement. We are all very excited once we got over the shock. We found out just before Thanksgiving that it is another little boy. We are definitely done after this. As sad as it is to end this stage of our lives, I am looking forward to the next one.

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