Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kids music recommendation

I am always in search of kids music that doesn't make my ears bleed. I can't take much of the cutesy kids stuff. And I especially hate the Kidz Bop things. I don't think that allowing kids to sing some of those songs makes them ok.

I knew that our neighbors were musicians, but I never really knew that type of music they did. The other day we were talking and they brought over a kids CD for us to listen to. They thought our boys might like it. Boy were they right.

The songs are mostly original. All the songs have kind of a folk feeling to them, but upbeat and fun. My kids were dancing all over the living room and trying to learn the words to sing along the first time we listened.

If your looking for a CD that both you and your kids love listening too check out The CD is called Big Rock Candy Mountain and they have a few snippets of songs on their website

Added bonus is supporting local musicians!

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Devon said...

I'm not sure if I missed the age of your kids, but my little ones really love Laurie Berkner's songs and I have to admit that I love them too!